Where my last twenty books came from

You may notice a little badge has been added to the bottom of the right sidebar here at Books and Movies. The badge is to signal that I signed the Blog With Integrity pledge, which states:

By displaying the Blog with Integrity badge or signing the pledge, I assert that the trust of my readers and the blogging community is important to me.

I treat others respectfully, attacking ideas and not people. I also welcome respectful disagreement with my own ideas.

I believe in intellectual property rights, providing links, citing sources, and crediting inspiration where appropriate.

I disclose my material relationships, policies and business practices. My readers will know the difference between editorial, advertorial, and advertising, should I choose to have it. If I do sponsored or paid posts, they are clearly marked.

When collaborating with marketers and PR professionals, I handle myself professionally and abide by basic journalistic standards.

I always present my honest opinions to the best of my ability.

I own my words. Even if I occasionally have to eat them.

This pledge only changes one thing about my blogging practices: I will now tell you in every review where the book I’m reviewing came from – whether I bought it, borrowed it, or was given the book as a review copy or ARC.

And I’m sure that most of you have already realized that I have ads on my blog at the top of each sidebar, one from Google, and one advertising the web site Glyde. I am paid for clicks on the Google ad (I’ve had the ads up for four months now and have made a big whopping 5 bucks), and paid a small monthly rate from Glyde for their ad.

I’ve been reading about Blog With Integrity, and the various posts disclosing the origins of bloggers’ last twenty reads, and other posts on bloggers and review copies – and at first I didn’t think it necessary to sign the pledge. In fact, I felt kind of insulted that someone would imply that I didn’t already blog with integrity! But as Amy said in her post, this issue keeps coming up in the book blogging community and doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

I added a section in my review policy that states “If I am reviewing a book that I received as an ARC or review copy or as part of a blog tour, I will disclose that to my readers. This doesn’t make any difference in the honesty of my review, but I want to make sure all things are open and above-board.”

Okay, on to my last twenty reads. I thought the idea of posting my last twenty reads and where they came from would be interesting information to have, since I don’t pay attention that closely. Here goes:

The Widow’s Season by Laura Brodie – Review copy from the author.
Scottsboro by Ellen Feldman – Review copy from Library Thing’s Early Reviewer program.
Death Comes for the Archbishop by Willa Cather – My own book.
The Way Home by George Pelecanos – From the library.
The Sister by Poppy Adams – From the library.
Wings by Aprilynne Pike – From the library.
Hard Eight by Janet Evanovich – From the library.
White: The Great Pursuit by Ted Dekker, Matt Hansen, and Bob Strachan – From the library.
Songs of the Humpback Whale by Jodi Picoult – From the library.
The Book of Unholy Mischief by Elle Newmark – Review copy for blog tour.
The Actor and the Housewife by Shannon Hale – Review copy (I can’t remember whether I got this from the author or through Shelf Awareness.)
Life of Pi by Yann Martel – From the library.
Seven Up by Janet Evanovich – From the library.
The Knitting Circle by Ann Hood – My own book.
The Wet Nurse’s Tale by Erica Eisdorfer – ARC through Shelf Awareness.
Alibi Junior High by Greg Logsted – ARC from Click Communciations.
The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan – From the library.
Tess of the D’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy – My own book.
Back Creek by Leslie Goetsch – Review copy from publicist.
Prom by Laurie Halse Anderson – From the library.

Grand total:

7 review copies
3 of my own books
10 books from the library

Well, this explains why I’m failing so miserably at the Read Your Own Books Challenge!

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11 Responses to Where my last twenty books came from

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  2. Sandy
    Twitter: youvegottaread

    I saw Amy’s post, and while I feel that my integrity should speak for itself, I will most likely sign the thing. I guess it doesn’t change the way I write reviews, and if it makes a reader out there feel better, then it is worth it!
    .-= Sandy´s last blog ..Interpreter of Maladies – Jhumpa Lahiri =-.

  3. Lezlie says:

    “Well, this explains why I’m failing so miserably at the Read Your Own Books Challenge”

    That made me laugh! I have the same problem. I pledged to read 50 of my own books and 50 from the library. I only have one library book left to read before I finish that one, while I think I’ve read maybe a dozen of my own. Oh, well. They sure look pretty all stacked up everywhere! 🙂

    .-= Lezlie´s last blog ..THE DEVIL’S QUEEN =-.

    • CarrieK
      Twitter: booksandmovies

      Lezlie – if bloggers would just stop reviewing books for a month or two, I could read more of my own books! But I keep reading these fantastic reviews, and it’s way too easy to click over to the library’s web site and hit that hold button. 🙂

  4. MARIE BURTON says:

    Yeah I think that’s a little overboard this whole pledge stuff. It’s a lot like high school.
    What comes to mind is those who know me, know me well; those who don’t..
    I think the pro reviewer for companies are a wee bit scared of us Book bloggers. They are making us run in circles and I wonder why?
    This is fodder for my Sunday Salon Post. Thank you for the idea!
    A thought..
    If I don’t put a Badge of Integrity on my site does that mean I don’t have integrity??
    Makes you wonder if all the politics is worth the blogging experience.
    .-= MARIE BURTON´s last blog ..Booking Through Thursday ~ Funny Reads =-.

    • CarrieK
      Twitter: booksandmovies

      Marie – I won’t be changing my blog-reading habits based on this – I already assume that all the bloggers I read blog with integrity. 🙂

  5. Serena (Savvy Verse & Wit)
    Twitter: SavvyVerseWit

    its interesting that this keeps arising in the blogging community and honestly a lot of it boils down to jealousy on the part of the bloggers that don’t get as many review copies. Honestly, if you want some, just ask. I can push a ton your way that I don’t accept. I don’t have enough hours in a day to read all the requests I receive.

    Regardless, as a journalist already, I have already adopted ethical standards to review with integrity and honesty. If I like a book, I say so. If I don’t, I stop reading and say why. I’ve finished books where I was ambiguous and the review reflected what I liked and didn’t like about the book.

    These reviews are opinions…subjective…plain and simple. You don’t have to agree and you don’t have to like my opinion, but I have a right to express it.
    .-= Serena (Savvy Verse & Wit)´s last blog ..Susan Helene Gottfried Reveals her Past and Inspiration =-.

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