Book Review: Blameless by Gail Carriger

Title: Blameless
Author: Gail Carriger
Genre: Paranormal fiction
Publisher: Orbit Books
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Source: Print copy from my personal library
First line: “How much longer, Mama, must we tolerate this gross humiliation?”

This review will not contain spoilers for Blameless, but will contain spoilers for the first two books in the Parasol Protectorate series: Soulless and Changeless. If you haven’t read them yet, don’t read this review. Also, what on earth are you waiting for?

At the end of Changeless, Lady Alexia Maccon found herself in an indelicate and inconvenient position – one which, given the nature of her marriage (she is soulless, her husband is a werewolf) was not supposed to be possible. In a jealous rage, Lord Maccon has thrown her out of his home, and Alexia is left to investigate her burgeoning inconvenience with the help of her trusty butler, Floote, and her newfound friend, Madame Lefoux. Lord Akeldama, her usual source of information, has disappeared, leaving her a cryptic message about Italians and embroidery. Throw in some homicidal mechanical ladybugs, a husband drunk on formaldehyde, the Knights Templar, and an ever-increasing addiction to pesto, and you have another delightful installment in the Parasol Protectorate.

Can I just say I love Gail Carriger? Or as Sandy would say, “I want to have this book’s babies!” This series has been one of my most delightful and enjoyable finds of 2010, and has given me many reading hours of wry grins, quiet chuckles, and loud guffaws as I devour Alexia’s exploits with her colorful entourage: Ivy Hisselpenny, Alexia’s best friend with a penchant for horrendous headgear; Lord Maccon, her rough and rugged husband; Maccon’s Beta wolf, Professor Lyall, who calmly and gracefully sweeps up his Alpha’s messes; Lord Akeldama, with his impeccable decorating taste and love of gossip; and the unconventional Madame Lefoux, inventor of Alexia’s multi-faceted – and weaponized – parasol.

If you like Jane Austen, tea, vampires, werewolves, romance, adventure, witty dialogue, and high fashion, then you will love and adore Gail Carriger’s books as much I do. I am counting down the days until June 28, 2011, when book four, Heartless, will be released.

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2 Responses to Book Review: Blameless by Gail Carriger

  1. Sandy
    Twitter: youvegottaread

    I wonder how many of these there are going to be? Whoever reads them, loves them, that is for sure. And yes, I do have a small list of authors who I would gladly bear their children…Sarah Waters and Tana French just to name a couple.

    • CarrieK
      Twitter: booksandmovies

      Sandy – I hear you on Tana French! I read my first Waters this year – Tipping the Velvet – and was a bit underwhelmed. I’m going to try another title of hers, though.