Announcing the 2012 Ireland Reading Challenge

In spite of the fact that I am not ready, 2011 is almost over – and all of you in book blogger-land know what that means: time to sign up for 2012 reading challenges! The last few years, I have had the pleasure of hosting the Ireland Reading Challenge. I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting other bloggers and being introduced to new Ireland-related books and authors. Since the challenge is a few years old, I thought it would be fun to add some twists this year – especially since some people find it very easy to complete the highest challenge level.

Here are the new guidelines:

~ The challenge runs from January 1, 2012 to November 30, 2012.

~ Any books read for this challenge can also apply to other challenges you are working on.

~ Re-reads are allowed.

~ Any book written by an Irish author, set in Ireland, or involving Irish history or Irish characters, counts for the challenge – fiction, non-fiction, poetry, audiobooks, children’s books – all of these apply. (I will be posting a list of books previously reviewed for the challenge in the next day or two, if you’re looking for suggestions.)

~ Choose your commitment level:

Shamrock level: 4 books
Luck o’ the Irish level: 6 books
Kiss the Blarney Stone level: 8 books
Ceilidh level: 10+ books

~ Write up a post indicating that you are participating (feel free to copy the lovely graphic at the top of this post), and then add your challenge post’s link to the Mr. Linky here or on the main challenge page.

~ You don’t have to list your books ahead of time – just have fun reading throughout the year.

~ I will put up a page for the challenge in my header, and add a Mr. Linky for reviews and wrap-up posts.

~ Everyone who fulfills their challenge level and writes at least one review will get one entry in the giveaway at the end of the challenge. The prize? A copy of For the Love of Ireland: A Literary Companion for Readers and Travelers. Wrap-up post and giveaway details will go up at the beginning of December, which is why the challenge ends on November 30th.

~ Now for the twist: you can earn extra entries in the giveaway by diversifying your reading. You will earn one extra entry for reading from these genres – one entry per genre represented in your challenge list:

Contemporary fiction
Historical fiction
Science fiction or fantasy
Young Adult fiction
Children’s fiction
Non-fiction – history
Non-fiction – memoir or biography
Non-fiction – essays

I look forward to hearing about your Ireland reading this year!

Sign up here:

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53 Responses to Announcing the 2012 Ireland Reading Challenge

  1. Carrie says:

    Looking forward to this challenge!!

  2. Marleen Kennedy
    Twitter: Marleen (Meentje63)

    Yes, I know I said I wasn’t going to participate again, but you managed to make this challenge so interesting that I couldn’t resist. I’m really looking forward to discovering how I’ll get on with all those genres.

  3. ChrisCross53 says:

    Oh goody! Really enjoyed the 1911 Challenge, even though I joined so late, so here I am, bright and early for the next one… I’ve got a lots of recommendations from other participants, the titles which never made it on to my short list, an anthology of early Celtic writings, a history of Ireland, and a Colm Toibin from the library – and there’s still Flann O’Brien to be read!

    • CarrieK
      Twitter: booksandmovies

      ChrisCross – I’m glad you enjoyed last year’s challenge – although I do think it was 2011, rather than 1911! 😉 Happy you’re joining us again.

  4. Cayla says:

    I’m in! I’m going to aim for 8 books, but I hope to do more. So excited!

    Cayla – Atlantic House Books

  5. o says:

    I’m signing up for 4 books 🙂 I shall do my post this afternoon.

  6. Sarah Reads Too Much
    Twitter: sarahreads2much

    I’m in! This looks great!

  7. ChrisCross53 says:

    Oops! Been researching family history on 1911 census – the date has obviously got stuck in brain!

  8. Arti
    Twitter: Arti_Ripples

    This too is interesting! I’ll take the Shamrock level-4 books, and try to diversify the genres. Thanks again for hosting, Carrie.

  9. Beth says:

    This is my first time participating in this challenge. Very excited! Thanks for hosting.

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  11. kim in ohio says:

    I am so glad to see this challenge. I am a pile of Irish books that I want to read and it looks like next year will be the perfect time to do this. thanks for doing this challenge.
    kim in ohio

  12. Victoria says:

    Hi, I just joined this challenge & I am so glad I found it! I have lots of Ireland-related books on my reading list and I think this will be a fun way to check some off. Thanks for hosting!

  13. Sherrie says:

    Wonderful reading challenge. Love reading books about Ireland. I’ve posted at my place. Have a great day!

    Just Books

  14. I enjoyed the challenge in 2011 (signed up as Susan @ Having Fun) and I’m eager to read more Irish theme books in 2012.

  15. I enjoyed the challenge in 2011 (signed up as Susan @ Having Fun) and I look forward to reading more Irish theme books in 2012.

  16. Susan @ Avid Series Reader says:

    I enjoyed the challenge in 2011 (signed up as Susan @ Having Fun) and I look forward to reading more books related to Ireland in 2012.

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  18. Joy Weese Moll
    Twitter: joyweesemoll

    We’re going to Ireland in June, so I signed up for the 4 books I hope I’ll get read before we leave. Looks like fun!

  19. I’ve recently moved to Ireland and one of my challenges this year was to read more Irish books in order to understand culture. This is great for me! I’m signing up for 4 books, but hope to actually do more. With a newborn, that may be asking too much!

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  21. kimbofo says:

    Hi Carrie, forgive the self-promotion, but I read a lot of Irish literary fiction, so if anyone is looking for some ideas please do consider checking out my blog. I have an “Ireland” category here:

  22. K says:

    I am so looking forward to this! Thanks for what is sure to be a fun challenge.

  23. Serena
    Twitter: SavvyVerseWit

    I signed up again this year, and I hope I can fit in 4 books for the lowest level. I have a couple I want to read already. So hopefully by March, I’ll be starting those. I can’t wait to see what reviews I have this year now that I’ve accepted fewer review copies. Thanks for hosting again. Are you doing another read-a-long?

  24. Lorraine S. says:

    I signed up for the Ireland Essay contest by accident! I’ll be reading 10+-I’m retired and have lots of books with no concept of setting up blogs, tweets, nooks and the rest! Looking forward to this challenge and reading your great blogs. Thanks Carrie K. and members.

  25. JaneGS
    Twitter: JanetGS

    I am willing to commit to the Shamrock level–especially since I just finished Frank Delaney’s Ireland, and am listening to Edna O’Brien’s Saints and Sinners. I’ve had Leon Uris’s Trinity on the shelf for a long time now, and plan to read it this year. And for the fourth, who knows? There are so many marvelous choices out there. Looking forward to learning about more Irish authors on other blogs!

  26. raidergirl3 says:

    Most of the books I want to read are from authors I started last year.
    Now that it’s March, I feel like signing up!

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  28. Lynne says:

    Just finished the latest Molly Murphy book by Rhys Bowen – HUSH NOW, DON’Y YOU CRY.
    Review is on my blog.

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  30. Lynne says:

    I read a book about Titanic and a group of Irish men and women who were on the ship on that fateful journey – THE GIRL WHO CAME HOME.

    I posted a review on my blog.

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  33. Geoff says:

    I only just found this and don’t think I’ll join for this year, but I will definitely consider joining next year! One of my all time favorite novels, At Swim, Two Boys is by an Irish author set in Ireland.

    • CarrieK
      Twitter: booksandmovies

      Geoff – I haven’t heard of that one – I’ll have to look it up. And I do hope you join us next year!

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