DVD Review: The Double

When a United States Senator is brutally murdered, the evidence points to a Soviet assassin, code-named Cassius, long thought to be dead. Two men who know Cassius best are thrown together to catch him. Paul Shepherdson (Richard Gere) is a retired CIA operative who’s spent his career tracking Cassius around the globe. Ben Geary (Topher Grace) is a hotshot young FBI Agent and family man who has studied the killer’s every move. Ben thinks he knows Cassius, but Paul knows he is dead wrong. Now, time is running out to stop this merciless killing machine. Martin Sheen, Stephen Moyer, Odette Yustman, and Stana Katic costar in this tense thriller that will keep you guessing until the very last shot.

Kevin and I thoroughly enjoyed this spy thriller. I’m finding more and more films that go straight to DVD are still very much worth watching. One word of warning, though – if you’re interested in watching The Double, do not watch the trailer. It gives away a huge plot twist. Granted, the plot twist happens fairly early on in the film, and there is another major twist yet to come, but I hate it when a trailer gives away too much. Make me want to see the film, but don’t ruin any surprises for me!

Richard Gere is in his element in this type of role. It’s nice to see an actor playing his age. The very young – and baby-faced – Topher Grace is a nice foil and contrast with Gere’s steely-haired age and wisdom. The movie is well cast; I enjoyed Odette Yustman as Grace’s wife (I’ve liked her work ever since I fell in love with the series October Road), and it was fun seeing Castle‘s Stana Katic in a tiny role as a Russian prostitute.

I also liked the fact that, just when I thought I knew exactly how things were going to end, the film surprised me again. That’s what makes a thriller worth watching.

The Double will be available on DVD on January 31st. The special features include an audio commentary and a featurette.

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6 Responses to DVD Review: The Double

  1. bermudaonion (Kathy)
    Twitter: bermudaonion

    I know what you mean about trailers – sometimes it seems comedies show all the funny parts. This sounds like a movie Carl and I would enjoy.
    bermudaonion (Kathy)´s last post ..Wondrous Words Wednesday

    • CarrieK
      Twitter: booksandmovies

      Kathy – I hate that about comedies! If the only funny parts are in the trailer – why go see it?

  2. Arti
    Twitter: Arti_Ripples

    Thanks for the heads-up. I’m curious about films that go directly to DVD, wonder why, maybe can’t find a distributor? But you’re right though in saying they can be watchable ones too.
    Arti´s last post ..Oscar Nominations 2012

    • CarrieK
      Twitter: booksandmovies

      Arti – I wonder that, too – maybe they blow their entire budget in making the film and have nothing left for distribution?

  3. stacybuckeye says:

    Another one to add to my Netflix list.
    stacybuckeye´s last post ..Without Fail, by Lee Child

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