Bookish links for Saturday, June 9, 2012

Author news:

~ R.I.P. Ray Bradbury, Author of Fahrenheit 451 and The Martian Chronicles

Discussion starters:

~ Author Beth Revis: How to respond to negative reviews – I love this!

~ Book Hooked Blog: I May Be Judging You – Julie addresses the latest hot title. A must-read.

~ Chrisbookarama: Here’s a tip – In which Chris responds to a comment thrown out at Book Blogger Con about what “mature” book bloggers should be doing.

Reviews and blog posts that have me adding to my to-read list:

~ Monument 14 by Emmy Laybourne, reviewed by Melissa at Melissa’s Eclectic Bookshelf

~ The Paper Garden by Molly Peacock, reviewed by Kathleen at Boarding in My Forties

~ The Predicteds by Christine Seifert, reviewed by Michelle at Galleysmith


~ There’s still time to join the read-along of Graham Greene’s The Heart of the Matter. Our first discussion post, covering the first 100 pages or so, will go up on Friday.

Other bookish links:

~ Join me in congratulating Megan of Po(sey) Sessions, who recently became the proud owner of an independent bookstore.

~ 10 Fun Literary Insults

Non-bookish links of interest:

~ This is completely non-book-related, but I found something incredible that I wanted to share. Something Bryan said on a recent post reminded me of my grandfather, Rocky Rauch. Bryan mentioned that he enjoyed country music, and I commented about how country music is in my blood. My maternal grandfather was a country music performer. He played with many different performers, including Bob Wills, as a studio musician, and also had several of his own bands. He performed at fairs and rodeos. He was inducted into the Western Swing Hall of Fame. And, in his later years, he was a dj with his own morning show. Gramper died when I was in college; he was still young, still working. I Googled my Gramper’s name on a whim, and found this lovely tribute. It totally made my day.

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12 Responses to Bookish links for Saturday, June 9, 2012

  1. Sheila (Book Journey)
    Twitter: bookjourney

    Thanks for the links! Being out of the blog loop this week has left me a little fuzzy, now knowing where to explore 😉

  2. Robin
    Twitter: robnmccormack

    Great links and so excited for Megan and her bookstore adventure. Thanks for linking to your grandfather’s tribute. That is so neat.

    *by the way, check out bradbury’s name. I think you left something out. 🙂

    • CarrieK
      Twitter: booksandmovies

      Robin – thanks for letting me know! That’s what happens when I type up a post at 11:00 p.m. 🙂

  3. Melissa
    Twitter: myeclecticbooks

    Loved Beth Revis’ Post…so funny and so true!

    PS. I think that you really will enjoy Monument 14!

    • CarrieK
      Twitter: booksandmovies

      Melissa – hopefully I’ll get a chance to pick it up soon. 🙂

  4. Mystica says:

    Thank you for the links! I found the “negative” reviews post so good.

  5. unfinishedperson
    Twitter: unfnshdprsn

    That is awesome about your grandfather. I’m glad I could get the memory banks turning…and by the way, I love Bob Wills.

  6. Julie G says:

    Thank you so much for linking my post! I’m so glad to see that people are appreciating it and agreeing!

    • CarrieK
      Twitter: booksandmovies

      Julie – I just wish it wasn’t getting such good press! Ugh.