DVD Review: Army Wives: Season 6, Part One

Prepare for the most moving season yet as TV’s heartfelt series hits new emotional heights in its stunning sixth year. Change is the word of the day as the Wives prepare to leave Fort Marshall and struggle with the prospect of living separate lives. However, when a natural disaster blows into town, it tosses all their plans up in the air. Jackie, an old friend of Denise, becomes a new face on the base, and she quickly gets on the wrong side of Claudia Joy. More relationships are tested as Nicole notices a disturbing change in Frank, and Joan and Roland are embroiled in a controversy involving their newly adopted son. Despite the drama, the bond between these astonishing women grows stronger as they band together through the most challenging times.

I have been hooked on Army Wives from the beginning. I thought Season One was a bit crass, but with Season Two, the writers and cast settled into their niche. I mainly watch because I am a sucker for anything – book, movie, TV series – that highlights the strength of the bonds of friendship among women.

When Season 5 ended, the wives – and Roland – were looking to the future. Fort Marshall was being shut down and they were all going their separate ways. As Season 6 opens, Roxie is in denial, refusing to start packing or even planning for her move. The other wives are more accepting, as they’ve all done this before. Then a huge hurricane rips through the fort, doing some damage – but decimating another fort altogether. Plans are changed, and Fort Marshall is revamped to now take on another company.

The friends still have to face one goodbye, though, as Pamela Moran leaves to join her husband, Chase, in California. This was a disappointment for me, as Pamela was my favorite character, and I loved the friendship between Pamela and Roxie. I’ve only watched the first five episodes so far, but I’m hoping they deal more with Roxie’s grief over Pamela’s move. So far, the goodbye episode was great, but since then it’s been like Pamela never existed, which I find unrealistic.

Claudia Joy and Denise have been best friends for years, but their friendship is tested when a new general and his wife Jackie, played the the wonderful Kelli Williams, show up on base. I’m not sure about Jackie yet – whether or not Claudia Joy’s suspicions about her are correct is yet to be seen.

Like I said, I’ve only watched the first five episodes so far, but I am again thoroughly hooked. Yes, this series plays to the emotions – it is from the Lifetime Channel, after all – but I enjoy it. I don’t mind that it’s a bit soapy, because the acting is strong, and this group of actors has terrific chemistry, making the friendships on screen come alive.

Army Wives: Season 6, Part One is available now on DVD.

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