Mailbox Monday – November 26, 2012

According to the Mailbox Monday blog, “Mailbox Monday is a gathering place for readers to share the books that came into their house last week and explore great book blogs. Warning: Mailbox Monday can lead to envy, toppling TBR piles and humongous wish lists.”

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White Horse by Alex Adams – Review copy from the publisher

Goodreads blurb: Thirty-year-old Zoe leads an ordinary life until the end of the world arrives. She is cleaning cages and floors at Pope Pharmaceuticals when the President of the United States announces that human beings are no longer a viable species. When Zoe realizes that everyone she loves is disappearing, she starts running. Scared and alone in a shockingly changed world, she embarks on a remarkable journey of survival and redemption. Along the way, Zoe comes to see that humans are not defined by their genetic code, but rather by their actions and choices. White Horse offers hope for a broken world, where love can lead to the most unexpected places.

The Panem Companion: An Unofficial Guide to Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games, From Mellark Bakery to Mockingjays by V. Arrow – Review copy from the publisher

Goodreads blurb: Go deeper into the home of the Hunger Games with the creator of the best-known fan map of Panem.

The Panem Companion gives fresh insight into Suzanne Collins’ trilogy by looking at the world of the Hunger Games and the forces that kept its citizens divided since the Dark Days. With a blend of academic insight and the true passion of a fan, V. Arrow explores how Panem could have evolved from the America we know today and uses textual clues to piece together Panem’s beliefs about class, ethnicity, culture, gender, sexuality, and more. Includes an extensive name lexicon and color-illustrated unofficial map of Panem.

The Blood Binding by Helen Stringer – Review copy from the author

Goodreads blurb: Belladonna Johnson is getting used to being the Spellbinder. Saving the world, seeing ghosts, and taking regular trips to the Land of the Dead have become positively humdrum. But when she and Steve discover a girl who has been waiting two thousand years for someone to rescue her, they find themselves involved with Old Magic and people and spirits unknown to even the mighty Queen of the Abyss. This time they are on their own, and to make things even more complicated, it’s Halloween, the one time of year when ghosts can go wherever they want, which means it’s even more difficult for Belladonna to work out exactly who is alive … and who is dead.

Any new books in your house this week?

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10 Responses to Mailbox Monday – November 26, 2012

  1. irene says:

    Some good reading ahead for you. Enjoy.

  2. Kailana says:

    Enjoy your new books! I saw White Horse make the rounds for a bit there and people seemed to enjoy it.

  3. Melissa
    Twitter: myeclecticbooks

    Great mix of books! The Panem Companion actually sounds like pretty interesting reading.

    My Added to the Bookshelf post!

  4. bermudaonion(Kathy)
    Twitter: bermudaonion

    What a nice variety! I hope they all exceed your expectations!

  5. Kathleen says:

    Sounds like you scored! I am especially interested in the White Horse.