2012 End-of-year reading stats – and goals for 2013

At the beginning of the year, I posted a list of goals for my 2012 reading. Now that the year is over, I’ve discovered that I did well with some goals, and not so well with others.

First, I vowed to read for quality, not quantity and stop avoiding chunksters. In the past, I participated in a challenge to read at least one more book than the year before. I found that caused me to avoid longer books, and so I decided to stop worrying about numbers. This is one goal I managed to accomplish. My total number of books read was down from 192 in 2011 to 138 in 2012. I read 10 books that were over 500 pages, and two Stephen King chunksters that were around 1,000 pages each.

Next, I wanted to read more of my own books. I did just okay with this goal. In 2011, 29% of the books I read were my own. This year, the number was 36%. I also wanted to limit review copies. This seems to be a never-ending challenge for book bloggers. I wanted to limit review copies to one per month, but that didn’t happen. I did bring my numbers down some, though: in 2011, 31% of my reading was review copies; in 2011, it was 22%.

I also made it a goal to read more works by author I already loved and enjoyed, and I kept my new author reading down to 40% in 2012, so I’m happy with that. Finally, I wanted to read more non-fiction in 2012. I failed miserably at this goal; only 3% of my reading was nonfiction. I am unapologetic about this however; this was a very difficult year for our family, and so I needed the escape of fiction.

Rereading familiar favorites is also something I do during times of stress, and I reread my beloved Anne of Green Gables series (I’m still working on this – currently reading Rilla of Ingleside), as well as my three favorite Jane Austen titles. And what makes better escapist reading than crime fiction? I read a lot more mysteries and thrillers in 2012, and my favorite find was the Bess Crawford series by Charles Todd.

My goals for 2013 are going to be the same as last year’s: don’t worry about numbers, read more of my own books, limit review copies, and read more non-fiction. I’m very much looking forward to the 2013 “I’ve Always Meant to Read That Book!” Challenge, because it will motivate me to read some of those books I’ve been meaning to for years. I am also going to take part in a few other challenges – but that’s tomorrow’s post. šŸ™‚

Finally, I leave you with my actual stats for 2012. As I look at the percentage of 4- and 5-star reads, I realized that one of the biggest things blogging has done for my reading is to make me better at picking books to read. Either that, or I’m getting less picky as I age!

Total books read: 138 – complete list with links to reviews

Reading age: – these stats are almost identical to 2011
Adult: 67%
Young Adult: 28%
Middle Grade: 5%

Genre: – more historical fiction, and a lot more crime fiction this year
Speculative fiction: 31%
Historical fiction: 22%
Contemporary fiction: 21%
Mystery/thriller: 18%
Christian nonfiction: 2%
Classics: 2%
Essays: 2%
Memoir: 2%

Print: 67%
Audio: 31%
Ebook: 2%

Library: 38%
Own: 36%
Review: 22%
Borrow: 2%
YASync: 2%

Author gender:
Female: 67%
Male: 30%
Mixed: 3%

New authors: 40%

Reviewed: 96%

Fiction: 97%

Rereads: 11%

Number of books read aloud to the kids: 8

Total pages read: 36,069

Total audio time: 494 hours and 21 minutes

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18 Responses to 2012 End-of-year reading stats – and goals for 2013

  1. Laurie C
    Twitter: baystateRA

    I’m not good at keeping stats, but I did look through my LibraryThing records and noticed that I read almost 50/50 male authors to female authors without even trying, which I thought was interesting. Do you have a spreadsheet for your stats? They are impressive!

    • CarrieK
      Twitter: booksandmovies

      Laurie – I always lean more female in my authors, but this year did better at being more balanced. I do keep a spreadsheet with Excel – and try to keep it updated throughout the year. Occasionally I’ll forget and have to go back and enter several books, but it’s not that hard to keep track of.

  2. Gina, book dragon
    Twitter: bookdragonslair

    I’m impressed you were able to do so well with your goals! And with your record keeping. I’m working on my end of the year stats now but as I didn’t keep good records this year, they’re not going to be as extensive as yours.

    May next year be filled with wonder

    Happy Reading

  3. bermudaonion (Kathy)
    Twitter: bermudaonion

    It sounds like you had a great year in books! Happy New Year!

  4. I haven’t kept stats for the last couple of years but hope to start back up this coming year. Like you, I stopped trying to reach a numeric goal with my reading because I found it affected my choice in books. Not that I’ve been reading thick books lately anyway. Haha

    Like you, I hope to read more of my own books and not worry about numbers. Here’s to a great New Year both in life and in reading!

    • CarrieK
      Twitter: booksandmovies

      Wendy – I remember the toddler years – so hard to find any time to read at all! Now I have more time to read, but I miss those days. šŸ™‚

  5. Beth Hoffman says:

    Wow … that’s a lot of books. Happy New Year to you and yours, Carrie!

  6. Serena
    Twitter: SavvyVerseWit

    Sounds like you did meet some of your goals!

  7. Susan says:

    Congrats on your goals and reading 139 books; that’s impressive!

  8. Michelle says:

    Considering your year, I think you did absolutely wonderful this year. 138 books is a great number! Good luck with your goals for next year. I know you can do it!

    Happy 2013!

  9. Melissa
    Twitter: myeclecticbooks

    I think you did super with your goals…One question though…how in the world do you keep such great stats broken down by age group , genre etc?

    • CarrieK
      Twitter: booksandmovies

      Melissa – I kept a spreadsheet throughout the year, and entered all the information in whenever I completed a book.