Kickstarter project: The Gloaming


Those of you who have been reading Books and Movies for very long know how much I have enjoyed Helen Stringer‘s children’s and YA fiction, including Spellbinder, The Blood Binding, The Midnight Gate, and Paradigm. (The links lead to my reviews.) Helen is a talented author and screenwriter, and she has a new project for adults that I am very excited about.

To quote from the project’s Kickstarter page:

The Gloaming is an ambitious new web series that combines the paranormal with quantum theory to tell an entirely new kind of ghost story. Structured like classic Doctor Who, with six 20 minute episodes, the Gloaming is set in a noirish city in which ghosts walk with the living, and shadows inhabit the recently dead.

I had the privilege of listening to a reading of the beginning of The Gloaming before it was envisioned as a web series, and it is seriously good. Helen has a gift for creating atmospheric settings and memorable characters, something I love about her fiction, and I am so excited to see how that talent transfers to the screen.

Helen is funding The Gloaming through a Kickstarter campaign, and I strongly encourage you to click over and watch the video. Helen explains how watching her father disappear into Alzheimer’s Disease gave her the inspiration for The Gloaming. Watch the entire video, because the premise is too cool – all of you who love science fiction and the paranormal will be as hooked as I am, I promise. I am hoping that you will be inspired to help fund The Gloaming, as well as spread the word to any other lovers of science fiction and great stories.

Update: Since I first drafted this post, Helen has received some opposition because of her online comments about Kickstarter and commercial projects. You can read the details on her blog.

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