Get Competitive With Spectre Bingo

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In a few more weeks, we’ll be seeing the sequel to the highly successful Skyfall: Spectre, Daniel Craig’s fourth performance as the iconic James Bond and Sam Mendes’s second James Bond film. After nearly two dozen films in the James Bond franchise, we’ve all come to develop our own expectations for Spectre, and as we gear up for the world premiere on 26 October 2015, why not take the time to make a fun game in preparation for the movie?

Spectre Bingo is best played with fellow fans of the James Bond franchise, as the more knowledgeable you are about James Bond films, the easier it will be to play the game. Themed bingo games have become quite popular in recent years, with the Hollywood Theatre even hosting a game called B Movie Bingo.

Spectre Bingo will work in much the same way, but rather than creating a bingo card of certain clichés and tropes one might see in movies, you and your friends can create a bingo card of the scenes you expect to encounter in Spectre. We’ve seen several different trailers be released in the months leading up to the premiere, and we’re sure to see a few more promotional materials as the date draws ever closer. Simply gather your movie buff friends and come up with a list of 25 things you’re likely to see, and use a bingo card creator online to generate sets of bingo cards that you can all use when watching the movie.

The aim is to mark off each item on the card as soon as it happens on screen, with the first to be able to get a bingo pattern winning the game. Take a cue from Gala Bingo and set prizes like free movie tickets or signed movie posters to the winners of the game. If you’re not sure where to start, the BBC ran an article on what to expect from the producers of the film, and of course, we would be glad to toss a few ideas around as well. Share your Spectre Bingo cards with us and let’s start playing!

Written in collaboration with James Brown.

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One Response to Get Competitive With Spectre Bingo

  1. Michelle says:

    This is one game I would let my mother play. She is a rabid Bond fan. Me? Not so much, but I can appreciate the appeal.