Review Policy

If you are an author or publisher, I would be happy to review your book, as long as you agree with the following policy:

1. I only agree to review products that I have a good chance of enjoying. I will not accept a book that I believe I will not like.

2. I do not review self-published books. I do not review self-help, new age, horror, celebrity memoirs, westerns, or health-related non-fiction (with the exception of weight loss memoirs, which I generally love).

3. I will be completely honest in my review.

4. I will not recommend a book if it isn’t well-written, or if I just plain didn’t like it. I will keep my reviews constructive and not make demeaning remarks about the author, but I will not sugar-coat my review simply because I was sent a free book to review.

5. If I truly dislike the book, there is a good chance that I won’t finish reading it and won’t write a review.

6. If you express a deadline when sending me a review copy, I will do my best to make that deadline. If my review is part of a blog tour, I will post my review on the appropriate date. If, however, there is no date attached, I will review the book as time allows.

7. If my readers see a positive review on my site, it is because I truly think the book is worth their time.

8. If I am reviewing a book that I received as an ARC or review copy or as part of a blog tour, I will disclose that to my readers. This doesn’t make any difference in the honesty of my review, but I want to make sure all things are open and above-board.

9. I have Amazon affiliate links on my site. If you click on one of those links and then purchase something, I receive a small percentage of the price as compensation – usually a few pennies.

10. Any books I receive for review purposes will be passed on to the public library, friends, family, or in giveaways on this blog.

11. I occasionally (like twice in the past few years) have been paid for a post – either an editorial style post or posting a video or feature. Those posts clearly state: “This is a sponsored post.” I will never accept money for reviews, only for other content, and I strive to keep any paid content pertinent to this blog.

If you have any questions about my review policy or would like to contact me about a book review or blog tour, you can e-mail me at nnjmom at yahoo dot com or fill out my contact form.

One Response to Review Policy

  1. Many thanks for your review policy. I represent Fremantle Press and wondered if you might be interested in receiving a review copy Now Showing by scriptwriter and film maker Ron Elliott. A book of cinema inspired mini novels packed full of cinematic references.

    I would be very happy to email you additional information and to send a copy if required.

    kind regards, Claire

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